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Initially, projects will focus on building content and making people aware of the existence of this wiki.

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  • We now have a central location for helping anyone who is interested in human language to find other like-minded individuals.

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Guide to topics for the discussion groupEdit

For the past five years there has been an active discussion group called "Philosophy and Science of Language". Initially, the Language Wikia will draw upon members of this discussion group for new wikicities users who will contribute content to the Language Wikia. Discussions of the Philosophy and Science of Language group have covered many topics, and there is a need for a website that can serve as a place to summarize the topics that have been and will be discussed. This initial activity will form a core of content which should attract additional contributors, eventually leading to a vibrant community effort to explore all aspects of human language in a wiki environment.

Old topic guide.


Terminology used by those who study language.

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What books and other sources are useful sources of information about human language?


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