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At this website, when there are two or more views of a topic, all should be presented. Evidence for and against all views should be presented.


Wikia work under the rules of the GFDL license. If you place original text into a wikicity, you are granting others the right to copy, distribute and modifiy what you wrote. Similarly, you can make use use of other sources of GFDL licensed material such as that at wikipedia. If you make use of such text, it is your responsibility to leave a pointer back to the original source. Some text that has been created by others and exists in places like books, magazines, internet websites is NOT licensed for use at Wikia. You can quote small parts of such text here (fair use) in order to discuss it, but if you do, always describe the source or give a hypertext link back to internet sources. You can also use templates such as this to indicate your use of fair use text.


  • Try to find/create an image for each major page of this wiki, particularly pages linked to from the Main Page
  • "GFDL or public domain images are strongly preferred on Wikia."

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Any user of this wiki who disrupts its function will be blocked from making page edits.

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Some older web browsers cannot correctly edit long pages because they crop the edit text to 32 KB. As a rule of thumb, try to keep pages below 32,000 bytes. See the list of long pages.