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Topics ListEdit

The topics covered in the book, Language Viewed from the Brain by Iwao Honjo, provide a good initial outline of topics that are important for the study of how the brain makes human language behavior possible. Feel free to modify this list of topics:
Evolution of Language
Language of Anthropoid
Language of Human Beings
Origin of Language
Development of Language
Disorder of Speech
Language and Brain
Anatomy of the Brain and Functional Brain
Anatomy of the Brain
Frontal Lobe
Parietal Lobe
Temporal Lobe
Occipital Lobe
Standard Brain Map
Functional Brain Imaging
Positron Emission Tomography
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Language Perception
Brain Level
From the Viewpoint of Aphasia
Brain Activities in Language Perception
Development of Cortical Mechanism of Speech Perception
Disorders of LanguageDevelopment and Plasticity of the Brain
Cochlear and the Auditory Tract Level
Structure and Function of the Cochlea
Coding of Speech Sounds in the Cochlea
Structure and Function of the Cochlear Nuclei
Role of the Efferent Tract
Language Production
Brain Level
Brain Activities in Reading Written Language
Brain Activities during Speaking
Temporal Process of Speech Production in the Brain
In Organs of Vocalization and Articulation
Mechanism of Vocalization
Mechanism of Articulation
Interaction between Language Production and Recognition
Brain Activities in the Language
Development Period
Interaction between Production and Recognition
Role of the Cerebellum
Brain Activities in the Process of Language Acquisition
Brain Activities after Completion of Language Development
Language Recognition from the Viewpoint of Cochlear Implants
Principles of Cochlear Implant
Perception of Speech Sounds with Cochlear Implants
Summary and Prospects of Biological Linguistics
Role of Wernicke's Area in Speech Perception
Activities of the Auditory Area during Language Production
Relations of Language with the Cerebellum and Supplementary Motor Area
Cortical Activities of Cochlear Implant Users
Interactions among Different Functional Areas in the Brain
Prospects for the future

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