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"A traditional, and still common, view of the difference between philosophy and the 'special' sciences is based upon the dichotomies universal/particular or general/special. It is said that philosophy deals with the general issues concerning some subject matter while the special sciences take care of the more specific issues. Chemistry concerns itself with properties of various chemical compounds and physics with forces and the motion of bodies, while philosophy deals with the general nature of matter, general questions of causality, determinism, etc. Linguistics deals with special, empirical questions about the nature of language, while philosophy is supposed to discover the general principles that govern all language." (Source: Sören Stenlund)

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Parrwitt: a comment on the full text of Soren Stenlud regarding this statement near the end: "I do not want to belittle the value and usefulness of the discourse of professional philosophy, but I would like to warn against the prevailing tendency toward having a too normative attitude towards it — a tendency that is, no doubt, due to the influence of the professionalism of the special sciences." Both philosophy and theology are classified in scholastic philosophy as 'sciences' because the are an "ordered body of knowledge." Scholastic philosophy still has influence. That influence will have serious consequences with one conservative Catholic on the Supreme Court, and another waiting for confirmation. The idea of "Natural Law" [as distinguised from the "Law of Nature"] is part of the philosophy [and theology] upon which they were very probably educated, and will be a basis, even if it is not acknowledged, upon which to overturn "Roe vs. Wade".stenlud

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